Providing the Kryptonite – accidentally taking down Superman

Jeremy Childs, my trainer came over tonight to look at some logos, have a great vegan dinner, take a swim and ride longboards. The dinner was fantastic! Jeremy brought the vegan burgers, you can see the recipe, “Vegan Gluton-Free Veggie Burger” at Jeremy’s blog, . Kim made a delicious vegan slaw – combined, they a perfect meal to enjoy during a summer’s sunset.  Jeremy informed us that he was going to Hawaii in September and he wanted to learn to surf, so we decided to longboard after dinner before looking a designs and swimming.

Three of the longboards we would be riding were Carve Boards which I was involved in the design development. The cool thing about the Carve Boards that differentiates them from regular longboards is that they are designed and engineered to be surfing trainers. So Jeremy was in luck.  I cleaned the dishes and we were all off to ride. Jeremy immediately impressed us all with his natural skill at riding the boards, carving tight turns as if he had been doing this all his life. As you may have seen with my “Another morning with Superman” post, Jeremy is very strong, lean, has amazing body awareness and coordination. He then starts doing the stuff you see pictured in the Superman post on a moving longboard.  It was amazing, the one legged squats, yoga asanas and the the jumping 180 degree spin! ..and all this is coming from a guy who has never done this before. Well I had been shooting video with a GoPro, and when I mentioned to Jeremy that I didn’t get that move on video we set off to capture it. He pushed off first, I second later staying close behind to capture the trick. He pops up and is spinning, he land perfectly, but it appeared that there was maybe too much weight on his rear foot, and then wham! Just like that he’s on the floor holding his knee. The bottom line is the strongest guy I’ve ever known is out of commission, on crutches and laying on the couch. Yes, he’ll heal and be just as strong as before. My only concern is that he is healthy by his trip to Hawaii, for I’m certain that he will blow his instructors away.


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