Me, the Pook and Runt

I had just been thinking how long it had been since I attended an outdoor rock concert, when Kim, the Pook, said, “let’s see Todd Rundgren tonight at Canalside.” Both of us being lifelong Rundgren fans, the answer was a speedy yes. If you have breathed air or been alive for the past 40 years, you have most assuredly heard or listened to the musical creations of Todd’s. Whether it be his timeless, classic pop hit’s like Hello it’s Me, or Real Man, his deeply intelligent lyrics, his fusion masterpieces or the 40 plus albums he has produced for other popular and esoteric artists, he has touched you, or at least your ears. We found a nice spot about 30 ‘ from the stage, and prepared to watch a master at his craft. In the past, I had seen him twice in LA, each time quite different as he was an artist constantly evolving.  Both times were quieter more intimate shows, so when he and his excellent band jumped on stage and led us on an aural journey of his career I was delighted. Hit after hit for the masses with lesser known gems thrown in for the true fans, tonight’s set list did not disappoint.  The crowd was polite and gracious, a reflection of Todd’s fan base.

Todd Pano copy

The security was relaxed (in a good way), and the night was perfect. While the music was great, there were other aspects about the night that made it special. A night out with my wife, being on a date, and enjoying the sunset on the water with the Canadian shores less than a mile away.  I felt like a kid on a date. My wife was her beautiful self, but more glowing being away from the duties of running a business and daily life (she danced the whole time). We stopped to say hi to the police and their beautiful horses, enjoyed the sail boats and the sound of  lines clinging on their masts – it was a few hours compressed into a beautiful warm moment stopped in time. Thank you Kim, thank you Buffalo, and thank you Todd Rundgren.

Life and art,

Kim at Canalside, Buffalo, NY.

Kim at Canalside, Buffalo, NY.

Kim with new friends.

Kim with new friends.

Sunset over Canada

Sunset over Canada


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