Songwriting with Lauren

Dm, F, C, G7, and like magic, a song is born.

For years I have wanted to share the beauty of playing guitar with my daughter, and now over the summer of 2013, she tackles it head on.  In the past when she was very young, she learned the usual one-string riffs – Smoke on the Water, Iron Man – you get the picture. Now that she has played cello and violin for several years, her dexterity and understanding of music provided her with a firm grasp of playing and learning songs. I’ve learned not to dwell too long on a lesson, so now I just show her snippets so that she can absorb the idea and make them her own. During June and July she would play very quietly, but now and then I would catch phrases of alt rock songs she likes. She is learning songs. In August, I pushed the envelope and asked her to play for me. Now she is sharing. Now we sit back and teach each other chord changes, or little runs. It’s really cool. Since she has learned the building blocks all on her own, yesterday I said, “why don’t you write a song?” So she did with a little help from me and when she’s ready, I’ll share it here with you. For now though, I’ll share a lovely bulletin board drawing of her guitar complete with the strap she purchased herself, right next to her travel destinations; New Zealand, the UK  and elsewhere.


Life and art, love it.


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