The Falls, Lanterns and Lightning

Thunder, lightning and lanterns, oh my!

Work’s over, it’s a beautiful day and my bike is calling my name. A quick call to John Battershell, I grab a banana and I pull on my gear. Today we are riding to one of the wonders of the world, Niagara Falls.

I met John at the corner gas station and we were off. We take side roads as much as we can; Route 5 and up and over the Skyway from where looking west we saw the setting sun glowing across the water. Onto the 190 along the Niagara River where we could make out people walking on the Canadian shore. Up and over the two bridges on Grand Island and soon thereafter we were turning into Niagara Falls US.  The first thing you notice is the mist rising high into the sky, then the roar of the water – its power is breathtaking. Oddly enough, I received a FaceTime call on my iPhone from my good friends Don Mecker and Rod Hewitt in California. It was great to share this experience with 3 great friends, two virtual and John in person.




I say goodbye to Rod and Don, and grab a quick Kabob with John before our departure home, for a storm has appeared on the doppler. The ride home was all freeway – fast and stealthy in the dark. I wave John farewell and proceed to my darkened street. In the distance I can see lightning in the approaching clouds, but it’s the little lights that catch my eye. Down the middle of my quiet street comes my daughter and five other kids, all carrying homemade mason jar lanterns. The flame lights up their smiling faces as I dismount my bike.

Thus ends a perfect day filled with design, riding and life – I feel blessed.




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