The Glen

I started the cappuccino machine at 5:57 am, turned to the pantry to get waffle ingredients, and wham – we’re out of sugar.  Kim jumped in and suggested pancakes instead – our early breakfast mission was saved. Wake Lauren and her friend Carolyna, shower, pack up Bodi’s goods for he’s spending the day at doggie-day-care, froth the lattes, inhale a pancake, grab my camera bag, and GO!

Out the door at 7:15. Drop Bodi off at Eagle Ridge, fill up the tank and we’re off to Watkins Glen, one of New York’s gifts to the world of natural wonders.

A few hours later, we arrive in the quaint town of Watkins Glen situated at the bottom of Seneca Lake, one of the Finger Lakes. Sail boats sway in the marina, sports cars line the main road in this historic racing town, as do motorcycles out for a day trip. We pull into the parking lot, search out the shuttle which will take us to the top of the gorge, and wait for Tony the driver to finish his cigarette.

Up at the top I feel like I’m in a major international airport: the air was filled with French, German, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indian…. the list goes on. The cultural diversity was magnificent. We start down the beautiful stone work which is the gorge trail and take in each breathtaking scene as it unfolds. Waterfalls, the winding stream bed carved out of shale, the ferns, moss and tourists. Yes, it was wall to wall with people, a bit claustrophobic at times, but still a highlight of this summer. It’s truly a spectacular place,

If there’s one thing I have learned this summer, it’s to take in more day trips. My daughter and her friend had a fantastic time, but the social dynamic was inclusive, more like four good friends having a great time. They selected music from their iPhones for the ride and we paid for everything – a bargain to share friend-time with your child.

After the walk, we dined at Wildflower, a cute place with cuisine very dear to us – locally sourced, organic foods (all of it), everything made on premise from scratch. Part of the establishment was the Roosterfish brewery. Being a bit of a craft beer snob, I’m happy to report that the beer was fantastic.

After the 2 plus hour drive home, we picked up Bodi and commenced to skate and carve board with Lauren’s friends.

As a gentle rain fell on us through the sunshine, I reflected on how wonderful this end was to a perfect day.



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