Shades of Lopez

I was sure that I’d be feeling sick, exhausted, something…but no, barely a sweat.

That’s how my Saturday AM session with my trainer started. Push-ups, lunges, TRX work and the bands have shown their worth today. What does it all mean? I’m advancing and I need to work out harder, ugghh.

In the middle of today’s house cleaning session, I put my wife on the back of the bike and we took a quick ride to look at the perfect puffy white clouds. The view from atop Mayer was spectacular. You could see well into Canada and the clarity of the sky and the deep blue great lake mixed with the clouds qualified the day as a perfect weather day.

photo (20)

Returning from the local wine store, I followed a limo back onto my quiet country lane. Although I didn’t know it at the time, this sighting was a prelude to festivities yet to come. Pulling into my home, I was greeted by three girls on long boards and carve boards, overgrown skateboards if you will. For the next few hours, Kim and I watched our daughter and her friends carve beautiful arcs in the pavement. The thing is, I first held my daughter on a skateboard when she was 9 months old, high on the bluffs above San Clemente State Park in California, otherwise know as home. Since being in the east for 12 years, she has remarkably maintained her roots. The sight of  a long lean blonde turning like one of the guys, the best of the guys in fact, reminds me of home. I can say comfortably without question, that there is not a girl within 500 miles that has skills like hers. She doesn’t just skate, she senses the undulations of the road, the crown and the gentle curves. Mostly letting her feet and knees do the work, I thought, “where have I seen that before?” Mr. Pipeline, the man with the lightning bolt surfboards, Jerry Lopez himself. That’s who she skates like. 2,468  miles from her birthplace she channels skills that only a few possess.

As for the limo, it and a few more, plus the remote parking shuttle van driver (rude), continued a night long procession past my home. The girl at the end of the street had been married and there was going to party – a big party at that. Fireworks and the sound of their band (a real good band by the way), filled the night as police put an early halt (1:00 am) to the newlywed’s blissful day. For me, it was the day that the spirit of Jerry graced my quiet drive.

Not much going on here, but life itself.



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