The sun, the clouds and Pinky

Thankful to not be hearing buzzing this morning!  Alright, on to the post.

I’m riding light today because of the mid-seventies weather and mostly blue sky forecast; dress boots, jeans, Dainese leather jacket, helmet and gloves.  As I rode towards the office, I admired the sun kissing the golden grass at the side of the road and the way the trees on the hillside to the east were silhouetted by the rising sun. With my earplugs in, the muffled the sound of Eddie Vedder coming through my SENA SMH10 comm system mixed well with the muted low rumble Ferracci Forza exhaust mounted to my Ducati. It was going to be an enjoyable ride in. As I came out of the bend at Armor Duells, I could see Michelangelo-like clouds filling the sky before me. Their platinum blue and silver colored sweeps, high altitude valleys, and tall puffy walls made for a nice visual variation as I approached the 90 merge. Then it happened, the unthinkable – drops on my visor, a cool dampening to my pants and gloves. Next, drops from the sky – big drops. Yes, it was raining. In my mind’s eye, my hands tightened their grip around the pink weatherman’s neck who so convincingly only 20 minutes before told me to enjoy today’s nice weather.

Well, it lightened and I made it to work safely only to get inside in time to watch it rain buckets, feel the thunder crack closely, and marvel at the hail. Pinky’s going to pay.

I worked on a couple Infographics, polished up a UI usability study and sent it off, and now I’m diving into a trade show environment. Fact is, I love what I do and besides being a creative, designer, digital type, I love to ride motorcycles. Being 2,468 miles from decent surf and the industries I love, motorcycles have played an important role in maintaining my sanity. So for now it’s partially sunny, meaning that Pinky is safe for the moment. Provided I make it home safe and dry – and get to watch the cows in the field go by, I’ll let this morning slip. But if I soak my laptop on the return trip, a certain most-reliable weatherman will be hearing from me.


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